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How to Prepare for a Spring Outdoor Lighting Update in Detroit

If you’re thinking about adding some outdoor lighting to your Detroit, Michigan home this spring, there are a few things to consider beforehand. Although the process is relatively straightforward and often comes with a plethora of design options, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your property before making any purchases.

Determine Your Spring Outdoor Lighting

First and foremost, determine what type of lighting is best for your particular space. Consider if you want fixed or adjustable lighting, how much power will be required, and what type of style or mood you’d like to create. String lights may be ideal for patios while floodlights can offer both ambient and task lighting depending on where they are placed within your property. Knowing whether solar-powered lamps are viable based on sun exposure will also be helpful in determining the right kind of illumination for each area.

Outdoor String Lighting

Adding string lights to porches and patios can really bring life to an otherwise basic area. Easy to install and available in many colors and styles, this type of lighting can transform even the most mundane backyard into a cozy hangout spot. This option is especially great for those living in apartments with limited access to outdoor amenities.


If you’re interested in something more permanent, consider installing floodlights around eaves and doorways. Floodlights provide ample light while freeing up electrical outlets as they are typically run directly off of voltage from the transformer box. Additionally, these work well as either accent or task lighting depending on where they are placed within your property.

Solar-Powered Garden Lamps

Solar-powered garden lamps are an economical solution that won’t drain your wallet – plus they’ll look great! Solar lamps require little maintenance after installation other than occasionally adjusting the panels so they receive optimal sun exposure during daylight hours. They are also a great way of illuminating gardens and walkways while providing extra safety due to their increased brightness compared to traditional methods of outdoor lighting.

Electrical System Inspection for Your Spring Outdoor Lighting Update

Next, check the electrical system where you’re planning to install the lighting fixtures. An inspection should not only reveal any existing wiring issues but also provide an accurate estimate of how much power will be needed to run the new fixtures once they have been installed. It is recommended that you hire an accredited electrician to handle all necessary modifications and installations if you don’t feel comfortable tackling it yourself – and always make sure that everything meets code requirements prior to making any changes.

How Will Your Spring Outdoor Lighting Fit in with Your Landscaping

Finally, take note of any landscaping or other aesthetic features around your house that could affect how the lights look once installed. Do trees block sunlight from reaching potential lamp placements? Does a fence need to be relocated in order for floodlights to shine in their intended area? These are just some questions to ask yourself when plotting out any planned lighting arrangements ahead of time – so keep them in mind!

Moving Forward with Your Spring Outdoor Lighting

With these preparations taken care of, you can move forward with confidence as your Detroit home gets ready for its springtime makeover with outdoor lighting additions! These spring outdoor lighting ideas will give your Detroit home a refreshing new look without breaking the bank! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start adding some spark to your property today! Contact us today if you need a hand.

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