Why You Should Have Outdoor Lighting System Checked After a Cold Snap or Ice Storm in Detroit

After a cold snap or an ice storm, it’s important to have your outdoor lighting system checked for damage. Even if the lights appear to be working as normal, there may be underlying issues that can cause long-term problems if not addressed promptly. In this blog post, we will explain why you should have your outdoor lighting system inspected after a cold snap or ice storm and how to know when it’s time for repairs.

The Dangers of Cold Weather on Outdoor Lighting

Cold weather can be damaging to outdoor lighting systems in two ways. First, exposure to extreme cold temperatures can cause the wiring to become brittle, leading to short circuits that can create sparks and start a fire. Second, snow and ice accumulation on top of the lights can lead to water build-up in the fixtures and around the wiring, which is an ideal environment for corrosion and eventual electrical failure.

The Risk of Electrical Fire 

When temperatures drop below freezing for long periods of time, there is an increased risk of electrical fires caused by malfunctioning outdoor lighting fixtures. When water enters these fixtures via cracks or splits in insulation, it freezes and expands, putting extra strain on the wiring inside. As a result, any loose connections can become overloaded and spark, causing an electrical fire that has a high potential to spread quickly throughout your property due to flammable materials present in many homes and buildings.

When Should You Have Your Outdoor Lighting System Inspected?

If possible, inspect your outdoor lighting system immediately after a cold snap or ice storm. Pay special attention to the wiring; look for any signs of cracking or damage that could indicate a potential short circuit danger. If you notice any frost buildup inside the fixtures, then it’s definitely time for repairs or replacement parts as soon as possible. Additionally, if you notice any water build-up around the wires or at the base of the light fixture itself, then it’s best to have an experienced electrician inspect your system right away before any further damage occurs.

The Importance of Working Lights 

In addition to saving money and preventing fires, having well-maintained outdoor lighting also enhances safety outdoors during night hours. If your lights are not working properly then this can create hazardous conditions for anyone walking near your building in dark areas such as around parking lots or pathways; this could lead to slips, trips, or falls which might result in costly lawsuits against yourself if someone gets hurt due to negligence on your part. Regularly checking your outdoor lights ensures that they remain safe and secure at all times for everyone who uses them – day or night!

Regular Inspections Can Save You Money 

If you have regular inspections done on your outdoor lighting after any cold snaps or ice storms, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are reducing the chances of an electrical fire occurring on your property. It’s also much cheaper than waiting for something to go wrong before taking action; having an electrician come out to inspect or replace faulty wiring or components could cost hundreds or even thousands in labor and materials fees depending on how severe the damage is. Taking preventative measures like this can save you money over time. 

Get Your Outdoor Lighting System Checked Now

Having your outdoor lighting system checked after a cold snap or ice storm is essential for maintaining its integrity and performance over time. With regular inspections from an experienced electrician, you can prevent long-term problems from developing due to exposure from extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice. Don’t wait until things get worse—contact an electrician today like Detroit Voltage who can inspect and repair your outdoor lighting system safely and efficiently!